fall came this weekend



Fall came to Chicago quickly over this long weekend while I was away. Flew back to Chicago last night and when I got off the train at Western avenue from the airport, I noticed that the leaves in the little grove of trees next to the station had all turned yellow. As I left the house this morning I looked down my street and saw that most of the trees had gone brown. Does it usually happen in two or three days? Or does it happen in an hour? Blink of an eye? Seasons turn on a dime? Goodbye Summer 2003. You were great and I feel like I hardly got to know you...

Troubling news story I read today not related to Iraq:

Monkeys with brain implants were trained to move a robot arm with their thoughts, a key advance by researchers who hope one day to allow paralyzed people to perform similar tasks. -- Associated Press

It will end badly. Donít those scientist ever watch the movies?

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