Was I asking for snow? I forgot snow is best when it's at some resort town you are visiting for a few days and don't have to deal with it melting and stuff. Last night there were ankle deep pools of sludgy snow melt I had to walk in. My mink Prada snowboots were ruined. Not to mention the bottoms of my velvet Dolce & Gabbana cape. Yes, I fell for the "Everyone in Capes" ad campaign. Also, this morning a motorist talking on her cellphone almost hit me as I was crossing the street. After skidding for about two feet to a stop in front of me, tires smoking, she kept looking straight ahead and talked on her phone like nothing happened. I felt like jumping up and down on the hood of her car. I would have but it's hard to jump on things while wearing my DKNY For Men kilt/sarong. Damn you fashion!

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