Here's what a witness in a car near the 3 people who were killed in Saturday's terrible John Hancock building/scaffolding crash in Chicago said to a reporter afterwards:

"I guess I need to be nicer to my family and trust that God was taking care of me because it really could have been me," a shaken (insert random name here) said Sunday. --Chicago Tribune

Yeah, that's what happened. God thinks you are special, but not the three that died. It's always about you, isn't it? So maybe she should try her hand at winning a Grammy and a sporting event while her relationship with God is so good. Oh, and while I'm on a rant, can you dorks please stop putting your feet up on the EL train seats? I have to sit on those things you know! I saw a guy who decided to stand the whole way while reading. Ok. But he had to put on foot up on a free seat. What's up with that? Does he do that at home? And yesterday a woman had her back against the window and her feet up as she wrote in a notebook like she was a disgruntled teenager. She was in her late thirties. I ride the train everyday and now I have to start wiping the seats everytime I sit? Why do I have to come in contact with the bottom of anyone's dirty shoes? They make me madder than the little drunk Egyptian man on the train platform who followed me onto the train and wouldn't stop hugging me. At least he was drunk.

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