Ok, I’m going to copy Isra and do a Friday Five for the first time ever.

1. What is your favorite type of literature to read (magazine, newspaper, novels, nonfiction, poetry, etc.) It really depends on my mood but I guess the novel has to be at the top of the list. But if it’s Sunday morning and Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon is on TV, the NYT’s Sunday edition is my favorite. Also I like the funnybooks. I mean graphic novels. I’m horrible at the Desert Island type of questions.

2. What is your favorite novel? Hmmm, that’s a Sophie’s Choice that I just can’t make. How can one be your favorite? And I’ve never read Sophie’s Choice so that wouldn’t be on the list.

3. Do you have a favorite poem? (Share it!) this one.

4. What is one thing you've always wanted to read, or wish you had more time to read? I really want to read a lot of classics like the Iliad and Mann’s The Magic Mountain, and a bunch of others like that. But I’m a lazy reader… among other things. Oh wait, I know! I’d really like to read that secret diary of yours you keep under your mattress. But I can’t find the little key.

5. What are you currently reading? I’m reading Arturo Perez-Reverte’s mystery, “the Club Dumas” and it’s a really good so far. And it makes me want to read Alexandre Dumas, who I have never read. My friend Sara recommended it and when I asked the bookseller for it, he said, “Ah, Arturo Perez-Reverte…great book!” But he pronounced “Arturo Perez-Reverte” like I was judging him on his Spanish skills, all dramatic, the way Antonia Banderas probably says, “Hello, my name is Antonia Banderas…” to you when he’s trying to get into your pants, you know?

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