Nice Holiday weekend. Holed up in my basement office, reading Harry Potter books I got for x-mas and eating pistachios. I only call it an ďofficeĒ cause Iím too old to have a clubhouse or fort. But thatís what it really is, a fort or clubhouse. I have a desk, a futon sofa (with blanket from Jill and Powerpuff pillow from Pam), a coffee table with my computer monitor on it, and cable TV. Itís pretty warm and I can put my feet up and watch TV, write, look at myself on my new digital camera (from too generous Jamie and Jackie), check websites,and download songs off Napster(I love you so much DSL, again I ask you, please marry me). All at the same time. If I had a servant to shell the pistachios and run upstairs to make my tea, it would be a perfect thing.

I was pretty wary about the whole Potter thing, since there are so many good adult books out there to read that Iím missing, but I like it. Itís entertaining and somehow comforting.

So far only left house once today so I could check on Pam and Sydís cats. Wore my new winter boots. Iím such a Hawaiian doofus that it took me this long to realize how essential and comfortable boots made just for Winter are and that I shouldnít be walking around in two feet of snow wearing regular boots that were designed to protect me from, at worst, the floors of bars.

When I got to Pam and Sydís, Nick the Cat looked up at me like, oh, are you here to make me tea and shell my pistachios? About time.

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