Last night I stopped by to see Dave and his band who were in from Detroit play down the street from me. What would you pay to be able to sing like D.Blair or Afeni? A lot. After the show I was standing around with Tom and Pam and Syd, waiting for Dave, and I saw this girl walk by and thought, “I think I know her and I think she’s annoying,” but couldn’t figure out from where. Then Pam whispered that she knew that girl and she didn’t like her but didn’t know from where. “From tv?” I said, and Pam said no, from “real life”. It finally came to me and I pointed out that it was one of the girls from the PBS documentary series American High. So from real life but not. Which brings up that report that says the more tv people watched, the more likely they would say that they have a lot more friends then they really do. What if you don’t like most of the people you see on tv? What then? Do those viewers feel like they have more enemies than they really do? I mean, what if the cast of Friends is not your friends? I should ask my dad, Ozzy, what he thinks.

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