It wasn't till I stepped off the plane in Chicago that I saw my first person in a fur coat. None in Hawaii for obvious reasons. Yesterday in Lincoln Square I saw a middle-aged Hispanic man in a brown full-length fur coat get out of a new Mercedez SUV. Fur coats are so crazy to me for so many reasons, and of course, more so on men. It's so out there that I think they are almost cool in that so bad it's good way. Almost. He saw me staring. I wonder what he thought? I wonder if he was even a little embaressed or thought, "Poor kid can't afford a real coat yet." And as a kid I use to think only women and the super rich, like Richie Rich's moms wore fur coats. But now I know lots of people do. When I saw that guy I started imagining showing up at work on Monday in a fur coat. I'd actually go to the conference room for the Monday morn. meeting instead of just dialing in and keep my fur coat on and not explain myself. It would be my new "look". And I'd keep stroking my coat while asking questions in a really slow voice. Sometimes when someone in a fur coat is walking in front of me I'll reach out and stroke the fur. They never notice. I remember once walking out of the Chicago Redline stop a few years ago. It was early and I was so cold and sleepy as I was walking to my then crappy job in the Water Tower on a Sunday. There was a Gold Coast type woman in front of me wearing a full length fur coat. I remember really wanting to knock her over so I could take a nap on top of her.

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