Last night I went to see the Fury, a 1978 Brian De Palma horror movie with Kirk Douglas, Andrew Stevens , John Cassavetes, and Amy Irving at the Film Center. There was so much to be amazed by this film. De Palma had such a sure hand in the action sequences and it was pretty cool seeing Chicago in the 1970s. Lot of super feathered hair and short shorts (on girls And guys). Judging by the pants, 1970s was a rather uncomfortable time for the male crotch.

My favorite scene was when Kirk Douglas says to a super young, thin Dennis Franz (playing a cop of course):

Ask Childress (John Cassavetes who Douglas shot in the arm in the first part of the movie) how his arm is!

Why? What happened to his arm?

Close up of Douglas who snarls, I KILLED IT!!! WITH A MACHINE GUN!!!!

Oh, and when Amy Irving blows up Cassavetes and you see his obviously fake head flying off was also pretty good.

A warning. The scariest parts come in the first part of the movie. Douglas and Andrew Stevens (playing father and son) roll around the beach, wrestling. Um, Stevens looks like hes in his mid twenties. Both are wearing speedos. And in a scene after that, Douglas, still wearing his speedos, is sitting in a chair. He puts a foot up on another chair in front of him to put a shoe on so that the part where Michael Douglas came from is kinda on display. Scary movie.


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