3 things: 1) I just saw that Godard film Bande part at the Music Box. Good. Liked it a lot and it must of been amazing to watch in 1964 when it came out. But they showed a preview of the musical Kiss Me Kate. Oh man, it looked like the craziest movie ever made. Lots of spankings and guys in too tight scary leotards. And it's showing in 3D! And of course, Ann Miller showing off her legs. 2.)I saw a little bit of Grease2 this weekend on cable. Everytime it's on I try to watch it but it's impossible. The immense gap of never ending nothingness that seperates the movie Grease and sequel Grease2 is so great that it can never be bridged nor traveled. Light years, maybe even eternity. It really should be studied by a team of artist and NASA scientist and assorted academics. Both are "films" and share the same setting, yet.... The gap between the two, is that what Neitzche was talking about with his Abyss? Maybe new departments in the best universities should be set up for this? 3) I went to the movies on Sat. night at the Davis and they had a little stack of Harry Potter temp tattoos. It's a red lightning bolt like Harry has on his forehead. So I took one and stuck it on my iBook. Do you know what it's worth on eBay now? A Harry Potter iBook? I'm rich!!!!

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