gay bikes!



Two things that happened this weekend: 1) I was walking home on Friday and there was an old lady walking her two tiny chihuahuas. One of them started yapping at me. They were not on leashes but the lady had a long wooden branch. “No! Stop that!” she said to the dog while tapping the sidewalk in front of the dog with her stick, and the dog would jump back a few steps. So we walked down one long block like that. Me trying not to step on the dog, the lady at my side, tapping the sidewalk in front of me clear of her yapping dog. It was an untenable situation so, instead of booting the dog out of my way, when I came to the next block I crossed the street. “Sorry, it’s the loud noises! It gets her excited!” she shouted at me. 2) On Damen, around midnight, bicyling home from a dinner and later a party in the Logan Square/Humboldt Park area with Mike, a young white indie guy on his bike passing us looked over his shoulder at me and said, “Yay, bikes.” Or “Gay bikes.” I’m not a hundred percent sure of which.

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