There’s a pretty funny article in the NYTimes Sunday mag about Gucci’s Tom Ford. I read it at Jamie’s while waiting to go to a Swedish x-mas dinner where the waitress sang a nice song while she wore candles on her head. Apparently Tom Ford (who must have a team of experts working on grooming his stubble), the clothing designer, always mentions how he’s a Virgo and how that defines him. Wow. The story was pretty funny, giving a lot of examples of him starting his sentences with, “Well, I’m a Virgo…” and ending sentences with, “…because I’m a Virgo.” And Stella McCartney saying something like, “Tom and I are both Virgos so…” Imagine working for him and always having to pretend to know astrology and agree with him that yes, because he was born on a certain day of the year, he’s really good at seeing the whole picture and so on, cause he’s a Virgo. I’m a Gemini myself. You can always spot us cause the Gemini prefers to lay on couches rather than just sit on them and will always put their feet up when they can. We are headstrong, bad at math, and prefer salty to sweet when it comes to snacks. Except when we prefer sweet. The Gemini can be found at the magazine stand browsing. If you see one, please wait until they are done before approaching because some of the magazines they are looking at may be embarrassing. But they can’t help themselves. Blame it on the stars. Oh! And the Gemini LOVES Sealab 2021.

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