golden age



I'm in bed (my chicago bed) with my phone, six magazines, iPod, headphones, and the radio and my computer and a paperback of A Fine Balance, which is really good so far. i haven't slept since i got off the plane last night around midnight. I have jet lag. if i had a little fridge it would be perfect. on my way to korea, during a short layover at LAX, J. gave me her copy of Jincy Willett's "Jenny & the Jaws of Life" when she found out i didn't have a book to read. how cool is that of her to give me a book she was in the middle of reading? Sniff, so sweet. And David Sedaris does not lie, Willett is a must read. incredible. i think she writes the kind of short stories i'd like to write if i could. also the perfect place to listen to Beck's Sea Changes, especially the Golden Age, is the LAX airport. seriously, try it. i didn't really like it much till yesterday when i did it. i have a whole theory about it but i won't bore you with it. hey, my bed is sort of a joseph cornell box. can someone come over and bring me some coffee? i swear i'll put on a robe.

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