Last night Sara treated me to the new Polanski movie, the Pianist. GREAT. Really worth seeing. It worked on a lot of levels for me and the direction was kind of masterful. it's based on a true story of a Polish Jewish pianist who survived the German occupation of Poland with luck and help from some friends and strangers. We met at Marshal Fields and had a bite to eat before the movie and then walked over to the Film Center where they were having the screening. When we sat down in our seats, Sara turns to me and says, "I ditched my hat in the bathroom." And I notice she's not wearing the winter hat she had on earlier. The one I lied about and said looked "fine" when we were eating. She said she was looking at herself in the mirror in the Film Center's bathroom and realized she really hated it and if she didn't leave it there she would keep wearing it all winter. Good thing she liked the pants she had on that night cause it was a pretty cold outside.

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