GOOD:Jin Ju, the new Korean place in Andersonville. I went last night and the food was pretty good. Since it's suppose to be a hipster, Westernized place, I was afraid the food would be watered down and toothless but it was not. My spicey beef soup was really good and spicey and tasted as it should with all the right things in it- green onions, glass noodles, ect. Oh and the staff was friendly. BAD: the Music Box, where I was going to go tonight, has been closed by the city. Mouse droppings! Lots. Ugh. Maybe it was just rasinets? GOOD:Going to Hawaii to see family this weekend. BAD/SAD:Going to Hawaii for a funeral. BAD: the 7am flight. GOOD:Seeing my family, including the favorite Uncle-the Playboy. BAD:Seeing the least favorite uncle, the RepublicanDrunk. Probably hearing him say some ignorant things as usual. GOOD:Throwing RepublicanDrunk Uncle into the beautiful Hawaii ocean as I watch the amazing sunset. Good bye for a bit all you Mainlander continent dwellers.

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