Something has gone terribly wrong with my hair. The part has gone kind of sideways and itís all Guggenheim Museum Bilbao-like. It was fine a few days ago but it's like it just...broke. How can short hair like mine get so messed up? I put on my knit cap right after showering since it was windy out this morning and now itís all crazy. Iím glad itís 2002. Even in the 1980ís I think I would have been sent home for having hair like this, not to mention forced to wear a tieÖ(half an hour later) I just snuck out for a haircut. ďDoes this always do this?Ē the barber asked me, holding onto the hunk of hair that looked like it was getting ready to make a break for it from the rest of my head. ďDonít worry, Iíll gel it down for you,Ē he said. I told him to just get rid of it because I want to spend no more than 30 seconds in the morning with my hair care. And snip, snip, buzz, buzz, I now have a low-maintenance buzz cut I like. Of course Iím sure I will complain about my hair again right here in a couple of weeks when it starts growing out. Cause I donít like spending a lot of time combing it, but as my friends know, I sure do spend a lot of time bitching about it.

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