i have really nice friends here in chicago. they are the BEST. but there is one thing wrong with them. none of them cut hair. i think one of them should start going to school for it. and hang out with me a lot. maybe be my roommate? or live next door? and then if i was about to go out of the house for a drink, like i'm going to right now, they could maybe cut my hair if i need it? like right now? but no. if i need say, some copy edited, or something to do with art, i have a lot of friends to choose from. or to fight the toll booth authority? or be recommended a good book. but what about editing my hair? so someone step up and do this little thing for me and go back to school. or i might do something crazy like this. also i think it's time one of you follows their life long dream to work in a department store that has a nice employee's discount. ooh, Jumanji is on. maybe i should stay home tonight.

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