Blah, I've lost ALL my winter caps. They are hiding from me in the back seats of cabs and under theater seats. How many more days of Winter? Can I get away with not having a hat? I didn't think so. Maybe I could learn to knit in the next few hours and have a hat ready for my commute home? Last night I watched a documentary about how Chicago got the Picasso sculpture. I really liked how Mayor Daley just handed out money (which was returned by Picasso) to his "art" people because he didn't really have any expertise in the area and didn't try to second guess them. It really worked out well. Too many people have opinions on art but don't even know where their hats are. Art fact of the day, Picasso was his Mother's name. He could of gone with "Ruiz" but felt "Picasso" was cooler because of the double S.

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