A frozen head comes across the sky..



I keep trying. Six months after I put it down, I picked up Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow again. And then I put it down again cause it's so heavy. Hahahaha. Oh book jokes are the best, right? I know, you are saying, Andrew you fool, nobody actually reads that book, you use it as a weight to press the water out of tofu slices before you fry them (my mom's cooking tip). When I bought this book the clerk behind the counter shook her head while laughing and said, ďYeah, I tried that once.Ē But I think I've cracked it cause it's getting interesting. Iíve passed that little mark where something clicks in my head and I want to go on reading. His Mason and Dixon was hard going at first also but once you got use to the style it was easy and worth the effort. And now Iím into this one. Will I finish it? Itís so long I donít know. I have the Penguin edition paperback and it still weighs a ton. Wait, Iíll go put it on my bathroom scale right now. Almost two pounds. And 756 pages. Actually I donít think itís the length thatís makes it such a notoriously hard read, but the fact that so many characters are introduced early on and that you donít really know whatís going on at first. Thatís whatís so comfortable about genre books, you know what to expect. In most fun ďbeach booksĒ you know the hero is trying to stop evil Naziís from recovering the severed, frozen head of Adolph Hitler so they can bring him back to life. Well, in most of MY favorite beach books anyway. Can you read just a part of a novel and not feel like it was a waste of time? Is that ever acceptable? Like just eating three quarters of an apple and throwing out the rest? Iím going to be pissed if I finish this and it was all about Hitlerís severed, frozen head. Actually that would be the best.

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