Ouch. My spine hates me lately. Been slowing me down in all aspects of my life. One minute itís fine and the other it hurts. It must be paying me back for all the skating off tall things as a kid, the lifetime of slouching, the bear wrestling, falling asleep in my bathtub after my shower at night (Iím so lazy. But it saves time in the morning.), always wearing my messenger bag over the same shoulder. Yesterday I tried putting the strap of my bag over the other shoulder but it felt so wrong that I couldnít do it. Habit is a MF. But mostly I once again blame my brain. CUT IT OUT BRAIN!!!! I know you are behind this somehow. Learn to deal with stress in some other way. If you donít start letting me walk limp free Iím going to start looking up trepanation sites on the net! See how you like it once I drill that hole in our skull. Ha, that will teach you. Also stop making me surf T.A.T.U fan sites.

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