helmet hair



Today was International Foods Day. I had dim sum for breakfast, and then went to the Korean market then got a sandwich at an Italian corner market that Jamie knew about in the Patch/Ukranian area. My stomach is worldly and will soon resemble a globe also. Right now Iím sitting here listening to Beulah as I type and I have it on repeat cause itís SWEET. This weekend was nice motorcycle riding weather. When I went out on Sat. it was pure pleasure rush even in crappy traffic due to the Cubs game. The weather was perfect. It was also perfect weather to celebrate Pamís birthday. One of my gifts was a dvd I have a vague memory of watching on HBO as a kid when my parents were not around. It involved custom vans and 70's style sexcapades:

Don't you wish you could be "FunTrucking"? Oh....Chris made a birthday cake that used Ben & Jerryís ice cream in the mix before baking. It rocked my belly.

Did you see me riding around town this weekend? With my helmet that makes me look like the Great Gazoo from the Flintstones? I don't look so cool or fun-trucking.

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