I saw Sex and the City at Pam and Syd's on Sunday. It was fun but how many times can I put up with Pam trying to high-five us whenever something she liked happened on tv? Tiring. But it's nice of them to have me over cause it means they have to put on clothes. Also I was just telling Dan how similar me and Amélie are. We both have the same charming and cute mischievous sense of fun. Just last night I tripped a guy who was walking down the street. I’m sure it made him and his family much closer as they bonded at the hospital. And I’m always stealing lawn ornaments. Well, not stealing so much as kicking over as I pass on my bicycle. And the whole hiding my co-worker's wallets thing. Mischievous fun! And also people who know me really love me or scratch their heads and wonder why people even talk to me and want to gag. Yeah, we are like twins.

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