Friday night I saw the Theater Oobleck's THE HUNCHBACK VARIATIONS. Very funny and smart and absurd, with a thread of melancholy running through it. The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Beethoven at a panel discussion on how they tried to create a perfect uncreatable sound based on weird stage directions from an Anton Checkov play. I want to write something that good. Oh, and I saw Ice-T in person at the Music Box later that night when I went to go see the Abel Ferrara flick he's in. When he spoke to us, the audience before the movie started, he hinted that Ferrara is crazy to work with. Someone told me seeing a play and a movie in one night would be "too much culture". No, I measured. It was just enough. But it was a lot of sitting. Maybe that was what she meant. Ice-T says hello to your Moms.

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