At work the company or Santa Clause, I don't know who, brought in cases of ice cream bars. So everyone was happy, eating free ice cream bars. They were pretty good. Vanilla with a chocolate shell.

About an hour later in the Men's bathroom on my floor I noticed something weird. On one of the urinals, by the handle, there was a drip of ice cream and a bit of melting chocolate. Someone was in the bathroom, peeing while eating ice cream! Man, people are weird. Like someone was, "OH GOD I NEED TO PEE BUT I CAN'T SET THIS ICE CREAM BAR DOWN. THIS FREE ICE CREAM!!!"

If anyone asks why I left this job I'll just tell them this ice cream bathroom story and look at them and say, "Could you work there knowing? Could you? I never saw who it was. It could be anybody!!!"

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