Tonight was Akira Kurosawa's Ikiru (1952), a "critic's choice" of Roger Ebert (this link has his essay on it), who gave a nice little talk about the movie before it started. It was a Kurosawa movie so what can I say? It was a drama about a dying man and it had no car chases or nudity or any of the Charlie's Angels but I still managed to enjoy it. But Seven Samurai is still my favorite Kurosawa movie. The part when the Samurai decide to start a topless carwash to save a little town is classic and lives in the heart of anyone who ever watched Cinemax. Also the two woman who were sitting next to me, the hacking cough lady and the respond outloud to everything Ebert said lady ("oh, really! how interesting!") were nice and quite the whole time. Thank you, Ladies!

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