As this photo proves, Pam was very spoiled as a child...
I went for a bike ride to Evanston and back with Thomas Z. today. Nice Spring Sunday bike riding weather. We saw Finding Nemo and had some ice cream and then biked home after a stop at Whole Paycheck. I like to take Thomas to kids movies cause he's like my little nephew. The movie was good but really played on the worst fears a kid could have. Parent's dying, kid getting lost, painful dentists. I don't think parents should take kids to that movie. I hope it didn't scare Thomas too bad cause he has to get up early tommorow and go be a project manager. Kids grow up so fast.

Also I was going to check out Interpol tonight but Thomas lent me some Hayao Miyazaki (the Spirited Away guy) DVDS. Although I would of enjoyed the bike ride there, Interpol at a crowded Chicago street fair can't compete at all with me watching those dvds and eating pad thai. But what band can, really? Not many. So I guess this is me again writing about how I like ice cream, bike riding, watching tv, and eating take out. Ok, I'll shut up now. Oh, I tried to make this the fourth weekend in a row that I had pie ala mode but the line was too long. Hopefully next weekend I can try to start up my streak again. It's going to be a pie ala mode Summer. With all the drinking it's going to get messy.

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