Wow, busy weekend. On Friday, after the weekly meeting of the Sons of Friday Breakfast (Chicago Chapter), I walked around in the nice warm weather buying magazines. And that night I saw Memento with a bunch of people. The next morning I picked up my motorcycle from the shop and rode it home. My neighbors invited me to Evanston for some garage sale hunting. None, but got some good food from fancy places. And that night went to the California Clipper for b-day drinks for Dan. Rode my motorcycle home around 2am and just barely beat the rain.

So that was all fun. But what I really want to tell you about is the guy jogging along Elston that I saw as I walked to my motorcycle guy's shop. He was jogging pretty fast and he was also juggling. Why does that upset me so much? Amateur juggling in public always irks me. Also unicyclist, guys with parrots on shoulders (or white rats if they are goths or punks), and so on. The "urban attention seekers" as Dan Clowes put it. Ugh. I expect to see one day a guy riding a unicycle, with a parrot on his shoulder, juggling his pet white rats.

Memento was interesting and I enjoyed it. Worth seeing but I didn't leave feeling exhilarated. Maybe Joe Dirt will do that for me? So when are we going to go see Joe Dirt? Don't worry, I won't tell anyone else we saw it. It will be our little secret.

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