New music posted here.

Did I Tell You-Yo La Tengo- One of the U.S.'s living treasures and one of their most romantic and saddest songs. This song is currently living on mixtapes in glove compartments and junk drawers across the world. Yah, that one guy or girl liked you a lot if this one was on it.

All I Want -Lightning Seeds- Sweetest fluffiest pop song ever. Like cleaning your ears with q-tips made of cotton candy. But without the mess. Most likely to be found on a Starbucks CD you are tempted to buy.

Lazy Line Painter Jane- Belle and Sebastine. The one where I thought, oh, maybe the kids know what they are talking about. Mostly it's Monica Queen's voice that kills me on it. She sounds like she should move to Chicago and record for Bloodshot.

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