Jill is moving to California in about a month and will be renting a house in the Hollywood area with a pool. She said I could live with her rent free if I want and hang out at the pool and maybe walk dogs or something for pocket change while she goes on auditions and does actor stuff like Scientology meetings and coke. If she promises to set up a wireless internet connection I might go and work on my tan. If I do that, do I have to listen to the Counting Crows? Does this mean Jill has to sleep with Adam Duritz? Wait, those L.A. actor type jokes are pretty old. But I don't know anything about L.A. anymore except that they have lots of good Korean food and I'd have to drive everywhere. Is there a L.A. version of Gawker.com? Do I have to cut the sleeves off my hoodies? I better get to work on my screenplay about a dogwalker. I think any movie that can use the song "Who Let the Dogs Out" again is a good movie.

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