um, what am i doing still at work? what the? huh? i finished reading Stranger Things Happen on the train to work this morning and will nominate it as best last book i read for 2002! yay Kelly Link! i love this book. i'm going to marry it. also Sahara Hot Nights sort of sound like Aldo Nova. also they might have the same haircuts. you kids will have to look him up on the net. kelly link, kelly link, kelly link.

"Hehe, you know what I was thinking? That you should move with me to L.A.! And be my roommate!" Jill said on the phone. Like she just thought of it. Like she hasn't asked me before. Pretty funny. I'm going to use that in 2003. Always act like I'm asking for something for the very first time. Except without the giggling.

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