Larry King is the worst, why is he on the air? He had on Barbara Eden (I dream of Jeannie) who was talking about how her son (daughter?) died from a drug overdose. And he asked how she’s dealing with it. She kinda laughed nervously while choking up at the same time. Then Larry King said something like, “A friend of mine, whose lost a child, said that no matter what happens, wherever you are, or how you are feeling, even in happy moments, there is a part of you thinking about your loss.” All in that flat, slow emotionless voice, like he’s saying something profound. And Barbara Eden just lost it and started crying. Yeah, thanks Larry. Thanks for expressing something anyone with some empathy, any mature person knows- You don’t fully get over the death of your child, just so you could have her break down on your tv show. Once he had on a family whose little girl had been kidnapped and they were on the air to beg the guy who did it to not hurt her. Larry King turned to the sister of the girl and asked, “Your sister was snatched off the streets by a stranger and is now missing. How’s that make you feel?” Oh, and I've seen a lot of articles abut the U.K. band Starsailor. I heard them once. Ugh they are so bad. Ask me how I feel about it, Larry!

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