kings and queens



i had a nice day. went to a brunch at jaime's and came home with a full stomach and a cd full of new music. and then i fell asleep while reading, and when i woke up i couldn't fully wake. so i ate some ice cream which helped. you know, so i could get up and eat dinner. and then after dinner i ate some more ice cream. also, it seems like everyone is in full agreement, the Iron and Wine CD is great. 5 people have told me so. so statistically i'm on pretty sound ground, right?

things i saw today: a guy with his pants halfway down when he got off the bus (a security guard who pulled his pants up all the way as he crossed the street), someone in a full bunny suit blowing bubbles in front of a store (the poor bastard), and an Eastern European (Russian?) couple in the Ukrainian Village (Chicago avenue near Western). They both wore sunglasses and track suits. his was a shiny Adidas with the stripes and looked pressed or right off the rack, and hers was a brown terry cloth one, and she had the word "beautiful" air-brushed on her butt in blue airbrush-style lettering. and somehow they both looked so immaculate and...fancy. they looked like the King and Queen of the Ukrainian Village.

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