I finished my bookcases. Nine pale pale blue cubes. They are now in my place but I haven't put anything in them yet. Maybe I'm not going to put books in them, maybe I'm just going to put kittens in them. It will be white kitten, black kitten, alternating, one in each case. Or keep them empty as they are because I kinda like the way they look. Or maybe put some folded sweaters in and start my own GAP. Speaking of ME, I'm reading "Boy Genius" by Yongsoo Park. I picked it up at Quimby's because it didn't look like another "Boo hoo my traditional Asian family does not understand me cause I'm American but wait, I'm not fully American like my friends or lover..." plot, and thought it would be good to support a Korean American writer and I'm glad I did cause it's turned out to be an excellent read. Very funny, absurd and punky-picaresque, bomb throwing, over-the-top kind of novel, and really great if you know a little about Korean/U.S. history and politics. And that's about how much I know. Little. But on the back cover blurbs another author has to throw in the word "stir-fry" the way critics always used to use Mexican food to describe Los Lobos, and it bugged the crap out of me. Anyway, Yongsoo Park's Boy Genius is good enough to share space in my bookcase along with my kitties and sweaters.

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