late bling bling



Best/coolest person I saw this weekend: I’m riding my bike north on Damen and there’s a black teenage girl in front of me, on her bike, maybe 13, or 14, super skinny, all elbows and knees, riding one-handed cause she’s talking on her cellphone, and on the back of her shorts in big letters it says, “BLING BLING.” Best movie I saw this weekend: Late Marriage by Dover Kosashvili is one of my favorite movies so far this year. Sexy, funny and totally heart breaking. Too bad about the jackasses in the audience at the Music Box laughing at every single thing, during the most horrific scenes. What is it? Does TV sitcoms condition people to be like that? Me and Mike left the theater talking about that, trying to figure out why some people are like that. Jamie says he notices these people more and more at art films and said he thinks people at places like the Music Box want other people to know that they are sophisticated and get the “joke”, the irony, and therefore laugh out loud so we can all hear. I can’t imagine anyone is that self-conscious. I think it’s just cause they are tards. That’s my theory anyway. Also saw Undercover Brother. Funny, but maybe rental funny? Where can I get those BLING BLING shorts? .

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