love letter



It's shallow I know, but when I first saw you I fell pretty hard just because you looked so lovely. Such a petite, pale beauty, such style and smarts. But also at the same time I thought, no, not for me such beauty. Desire is pain. So it was unrequited love. Yet I kept running into you and everytime I fell a bit deeper in love. In NYC I thought I saw you in Chinatown and my heart stopped for a full second, full of desire and envy. Why were you with him instead of me, I thought, as I tried not to stare. My friends said Go On, You Should Do it, You Guys Would Look Great Together, It Makes Sense, Why Are You Waiting? sick of me asking them about you, always talking about how perfect we would be together. And yet I wouldn't do it. But I thought of you everyday. Untill Sat. when I finally said what the hell, I think the price I'd pay to be with you was worth it. And it's been as wonderful as I imagined. You and me everywhere this perfect Chicago weekend, you whispering in my ears, love songs. I love you iPod, all 10 GB's of you.

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