wanna see a magic trick?



Mike just told me that Weinke sent him a postcard from Europe. He is having a great time but in Stockholm a guy who said he was a magician kept hitting on him and wouldn't leave him alone. So Weinke tried slipping out via the back door of the Hostel and set off the fire alarm. It sounds like something that would happen to Vladimir Girshkin in "the Russian Debutante's Handbook" which I am reading (and enjoying immensely) when I am not eating or sleeping. Speaking of magicians, you ever see that one guy who practices card tricks on the Brown Line? Creepy. I think it's the way he looks at the women on the train or just the fact that he's practicing card tricks? I don't know. And if you are reading this and think you might be the card guy, I'm sure you are not. I'm talking about the Brown Line EL in Paris,France, which is where I live. So no stabbing, ok?

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