1)Pam made fun of me this weekend when I told her I can’t eat a meal shirtless. “Ooooh, I have to wear a shirt while eating, look at me, I’m wearing a shirt while eating, oooh lah lah.” She said, mocking me at the bar, where we were having b-day drinks for her. Yeah, I’m just fancy like that. Also pants I need. 2) I cleaned my place by regions this weekend but have not finished. So I kept walking from an uncluttered, clean area to a complete mess and then back to a clean zone. It’s like my place is a tv/movie set for the Odd Couple or something. Or parts of Washington D.C. 3)After Tuesday night I can put my tv away for the Summer. 4)Erin about her work: “They have wicker pillows. How can wicker be pillows??? It’s wicker! That’s not comfortable!”5)Is “manservant” the same thing as a “butler”? Or is manservant something with a really bad connotation? I need to know before I put the ad in the paper.

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