my metro card



Spent the weekend in Tacoma, Maryland. Very crunchy area with one of the best video stores I’ve seen. Also D.C. was fun. Rode the Metro in and I liked it. It makes a sci-fi noise when it glides in to the station and the whole underground is beautiful with the square concrete ceilings and walls. I especially liked the Dupont Circle stop cause it had one of the longest, steepest escalators I’ve ever seen . When I looked up from the bottom all I saw was a little circle of purple sky far, far away at the top. And it snowed on Sat. just the right amount, nice fluffy flakes that we went ice skating under at the sculpture garden. I haven’t been ice skating in years and my shins hurt and I’m glad my friend made me cause it was nice. Who knew I could have a good time doing anything to the blaring of the Dave Matthew’s band. I had the best salsa (they served it warm) and the next night really great sushi. AND there’s a place called Kramerbooks that’s a bookstore and a café. Nice selection of books and a bar/café. I went there twice cause the Kahlua Walnut pie. I miss that pie already. The bad part of the trip: I have a cigarette hole in the back of my overcoat. I wanted an excuse for a new coat anyway. So it all worked out. If anyone is going to D.C. soon mail me a slice of that pie.

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