thanks mr.mailroom!



I forgot how great it is getting stuff in the mail that you ordered and then forgot about. I havenít ordered anything for a long time and today I just got a box full of books. I think thatís all the mailroom guy here does, deliver stuff that people who work here have ordered online and had shipped to work.

In the box were a couple books on improving my handwriting, and ďDicteeĒ by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, who Iíve read about for years but have never actually read. Our lives mirror each other in some very superficial ways which caught my eye. Except she was really smart. Iím maybe clever sometimes but not smart. Iíd like to be smart. And hot!

Also in the box were some of those little plastic bags filled with air that Amazon uses for packing material. Thereís a little drawing on it that I think means, donít let babies use it as a toy or pillow. I stuck one in the inside of the back of my jacket collar and leaned back in my chair. Wow, comfy! Does anyone make jackets with blow up travel pillows in the collar? That you can blow up and then later deflate? They would be good on the EL. I think Samsonite makes some. They had that line of clothing that only people in Wallpaper magazine actually wear? I could just tape these plastic bags to my jacket and save the money.

As I was writing this, he came back and brought me yet another package. My nerdy shoes. When it rains it pours.

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