On Friday morning when we were talking about “In the Mood for Love” Tom said, “I think Wong Kar Wai is in love with Maggie Chung’s ass.” Well, I finally saw the movie and I have to agree with him. Wong does love her ass. In the Mood For Love was such an excuse for Wong Kar Wai to make Maggie Chung hang out with him for a year as he filmed her ass. the resulting film was because he had to release something for the investors and the actors. i want to see the OTHER movie he has for himself. but the film for the public is brilliant. every shot was beautiful.. I’ve never seen another actress so worshiped via camera since Grace Kelly in Rear Window. I wonder if it gets really uncomfortable when they run into each other while doing press for the movie, what with Chung being married to the Irm Vep director. Which now that I think about it was just another excuse for a director to hang out with her and dress her up sexy and film her. AND she ended up marrying him. Wow, being a director really is the job to have.

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