Except for a handful of songs I can't listen to music from my youth or even five years ago. I hate nostalgia. The word even sounds gross, like itís a disease or something that comes out of your nose. I donít know if it means most of what I use to like was really bad, or just had a really short half-life or if thatís just the nature of pop music. And I like the shiny new things. Or it might just be that Iím an obsessive nerd when it comes to music who will listen to a song over and over, wearing out the repeat button, until Iíve squeezed out every ounce of joy to be had from it. Yah, itís a combination of all those things. And Iím all about moving forward in life, not going backwards. Which explains the silver jumpsuit I am wearing right now. Types of music I made up and hope people start putting out: Fuzz Ambient, Cashmere Jungle-Tech, and Sincere Garage.

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