Dani and I were at Grant Park today for the Special Olympics Softball Tournament. As VOLUNTEERS so shut it! Not that we really did anything. Moved a tent, cheered, and got a tan. It was fun and a pretty relaxing reason to take off from work for half a day. But we did see something incredible. After Dani got a Powerpuff Girl painted on his arm from Luku (who was the reason we signed our lazy asses up and also paints an excellent Buttercup) at the face painting booth, we were behind a grove of trees, in the shade taking a break. We saw a squirrel scampering around so of course we started talking to it.

"What up Squirrel? Where's my five dollars?"

"Yeah, you better run!"

The Squirrel was cruising up on a high tree branch, ignoring us when a black bird swooped down and started chasing his furry ass all over the place like in a cartoon. The bird would not let up on the squirrel and was even flying under bushes after it. Then the bird's boys showed up and there were at least five of them chasing the squirrel across the grass and up the trees. We stood there watching the action slackjawed, two city boys suprised and not a little afraid at that moment of Nature. Did you guys know that? That birds and squirrels fight??? News to me and Dani.

As we were returning to the softball game, Dani pointed out that there was a bird following us. I turned around and there was one just hovering two feet over our heads giving us the evil eye, like "get your asses out of here or you get what the squirrel got!" We got our asses out. These kinds of experiences could give a guy a phobia or something.

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