Walking outside my building and my motorcycle is all, "No, stay home so we can go for a ride" and I'm all no, I took you for a ride last night and I have to go to work so I can keep you filled with gas and motorcycle is all "but look how pretty I am" and I think what an ego and then train stop and then realize I forgot my wallet and then back to apartment and back to train to work and get off at my stop and my feet take me right into the barber shop when I thought I was going to get a coffee instead and there's a chair waiting for me and buuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I get my butter whupped and the Russian barber does that shave thing to the sides of my head and back of my neck with the straight razor and hot shaving cream which feels so good and once again I imagine him mad at me for something and what would happen and I have to push it out of my newly cut head and just enjoy it till it's all done and rush out across the street and see Luku and Dani Boy standing out there and they laugh cause we are all so late and have a chat with them and then work.

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