a moving story



I made reservations for a van for the move and after telling Tom via-email that he better help me move or he fails my friendship test (yeah, I know, that was jerky of me) I was chatting Jamie about it. He told me a little horrific but funny-after-time moving story:

Me: i'd be gratefull for a few hours of your time that afternoon (for moving).

Jamie: are you kidding?!

Jamie: I can't wait to help out!

Jamie: just kidding.

Jamie: I'll provide muscle

Me: thanks.

Me: tom gave me all these "if it's between so and so time cause of radio show" stuff.

Jamie: Jackie and I will help out

Me: i told him there is no other "test" of friendship in these modern times than helping people move.

Me: thank you, friend! you pass my test!

Jamie: I once helped a friend in New York move

Jamie: She handed me her computer and warned me...

Jamie: that her doctoral dissertation was on the hard drive and not to drop it

Me: hahah

Me: you dropped it?

Jamie: I immediately dropped it down a flight of stairs

Me: oh man

Jamie: it clanked on every step and rail

Me: oh mannnn

Jamie: She was a little french woman and her sudden hatred of me was palpable

Me: holy crap

Jamie: but it turned out that the hard drive was fine

Me: holy crap

Jamie: She loves me still

Me: that's the most awful story and i can't wait to put it on my diaryland page!

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