Nice long weekend. Rode my bike so much. Was on it almost the whole time and I’m nut brown from the sun. Even went to a yoga class with Katherine. Hey, is the term “sit-bones” a scientific term? The yoga instructor kept saying it. I thought the proper scientific word was “ass-bone.” I should look that up. Here’s what I saw that you should of also. Biking on Ashland near Foster and saw an old white guy with a big gut crossing the street, wearing shorts and flip-flops. He wore a silkscreened t-shirt that said, “MUFF DIVER” and in iron-on letters under that it said, “FAT ASS”. So this guy bought a t-shirt that said, “MUFF DIVER” and decided it wasn’t enough. So he customized it with, “FAT ASS.” Officially your boyfriend forever. I also got to hang out with Jim and his bros. They are excited about that dragon movie, Reign of Fire, where people have to fight dragons who have take over Earth. We saw a poster for it and Pat said to me, all serious, “They shouldn’t of come here. This is OUR home.” I know. Now it’s personal.

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