Someone asked me if I ever put anything "personal" on this page. No, not really. I write my real journal in an ancient Masonic language which I then e-mail (which is encrypted in a 48348-character key code) to a secret Sholin temple. There each entry is tattooed on the backs of students who are then sent out into the four corners of the World. I believe Jackie Chan is May14th, 1978. But today I'm going to write something pretty personal- What music I'm listening to, a list of MP3 songs I have on my computer and on my portable MP3 player (as soon as it comes in the mail!). It's not by any means my definitive favorites but it's what I've been listening to lately. Why write a list? Cause Nerd guys like to make lists like this. Haven't you read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby?:

the Faces-Ooh La La

Cat Stevens-the Wind (makes me think of Rushmore (which makes me happy). Rushmore was my Rushmore, Max.)

Glen Scott-it's Alright

Beta Band- Round the Bend

Cibo Matto-Sci Fi Wasabi (funny and great hooks)

Macy Gray-I Try (guilty pleasure no.1 till I buy my Cher "Believe" single)

Air-Kelly Watch the Stars (where Air lives up to all the critical hype for me)

London Suede-the Chemistry Between Us (great Britpop)

Lou Reed-You Know You Were Loved (best Reed song I've heard in awhile)

Aztec Camera-Oblivious (my shout out to the eighties. ever hear his version of van halen's "Jump"? I think I like the original version better now)

Bettie Serveert-Tom Boy (ranks in the top ten somewhere for best power pop song)

Spiritualized-Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space (yeah, from the Volkswagon commerical. But a good song is a good song)

Belle and Sebastian-the Stars of Track and Field (the Smiths of the 90's. Fey pop)

Waco Bro.-If You Don't Change Your Mind

Aluminum Group-A Boy In Love

Aimee Mann-Wise Up

Guided By Voices-Hold On Hope (this should have made them household names)

Pastels-Nothing to be done (best nasal british song)

Matthew Sweet-Sick of Myself (maybe the best hooks ever in a power pop song)

Lucinda Williams-Something About What Happens When We talk (man, nobody can make me feel sadder than Williams)

Drop Nineteens-Winona (the only good song on the cd but me and tom use to play it over and over)

Mott the Hoople-I wish I was your mother (I think it's a song about how this guy loves a girl so much he wishes he could of seen her grow up. I think.)

Cornershop-It's good to be on the road home again (best european country song I've ever heard)

Willy Nelson-Always On My Mind (Willy is THE MAN)


Gloria Jones - tainted love

(I need the)Disko Doktor

Guided By Voices-the Official Ironmen Rally Song

Air-Playground Love

and all of:


Beck-Midnight Vultures

the Flaming Lips-the Soft Bulletin

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