myron and phils



Friday Jamie refered to Michael Jackson's photo in the news as Jackson's "Fall from Face." He swears he made it up just then. We were driving to Myron & Phil's for a goodbye dinner for Tom. You ever wonder where the older white people in Chicago go for a steak and a brandy alexander? Someplace that's still frozen in time, around 1976? Yup, Myron & Phils just North of Chicago in Lincolnwood. It's the kind of place with photos of famous people (everyone from Conan the Barbarian to Gabe Kaplan) on the wall and they serve relish trays and chopped onions and chicken liver pate with the bread basket. While we were waiting for Mike and Tom to show up we sat at the bar (free ritz crackers and cheese spreads) and I heard a woman in her late 40/50's, all hard blonde, leather pants and gold bracelets, say to her guy (50's, gold id bracelet and pinky ring, Cosby sweater) "You know that catsuit that's so cute on me? I can't find it anywhere. It's such the perfect catsuit for the holiday parties. " When Tom got there he looked around the place and said it's official, we are our dads.

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