Ah, the wonders of software configuration management spread out like a patient etherized upon a table. Come let us go, you and I to two more days of classes in Rosemont. What? No? I don't blame you. Actually I am suprised to be able to follow along with the dudes who are all real techs (I'm always faking it, clutching my unix for dummies book),sysadmins in the most stereotypical way you can imagine. I'm afraid that some marketing seminar full of ex-frat boy jocks in one of the hotels near by will stumble upon us after their lunch at Hooters and break our glasses. Then my classmates will have to hack them and ruin their credit ratings. It could get ugly. But actually there is no sense of Brotherhood like in Revenge of the Nerds. It's lunch alone, nobody to talk to. Except for Jill on my cellphone talking about how she wants to wear a Winnie the Poo outfit on the show American Idol and then poo on the head of the British judge. It made me remember how I use to have a cubicle next to her once and could talk to her all day. And working with Pam at the bookstore and accidently sending our in-store instant messages to the printer where our scary manager found them. I think we were making fun of a customer's haircut. I now sit next to Dan so that's still good. And did you know Jill knows the WHOLE Revenge of the Nerds rap? And she's not afraid to perform it for you on your voicemail. NERDS!!!!!!!

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