my bike is the nicest



Sunday night I went to see the Fall at the Empty Bottle with Dave and Jeff. I saw a lot of fauxhawks, trucker hats, and hipsters, and old punks. So you know, the usual Bottle crowd. I wore my fur coat and flip-flops. Also a girl had the perfect little Honda Dream 175 motorcycle. All shiny silver. That's like the perfect accessory for indie-rock girls. Way better than a fauxhawked boyfriend/girlfriend on your arm.

The opening band was TV On the Radio. The sound system set up sounded pretty messed up but what I heard was really interesting. I think I'll pick up the CD when it comes out. As for the Fall, it was ok but I don't think I needed to see Mark E. Smith live. I think he said he hated you but it's hard to tell what he's saying what with his false teeth.

On the way home, I stopped at Le Saber diner and got some food to go. I liked that even at 1 a.m in the morning I passed about eight other people on Damen who were also on their bikes.

The only other customers in the diner was a young white guy with strange fake looking blonde hair reading a text book and two young punk Tegan and Sara looking girls wearing matching white wife beater undershirts. They looked like sisters. Or a couple. The guy looked like he might of bought one of Nic Cageís wigs off ebay.

As I was paying for my sandwich, the waitress, a white lady in her 50ís or so, suddenly said to me as she handed me back my change, "I am bushed!" and then she told me she was tired from having gone rafting the day before. She said it was hard work and her daughter-in-law said she wouldn't be going back. Itís all that lugging stuff back and forth that takes it out of you, she said. So I stayed for a minute or so and made conversation cause she seemed like she needed it.

Outside I had to shove in my package of food sideways into my messenger bag cause I donít have a rack on the back of my bike. If you need to do this, order the club sandwich because the toothpicks make sure your sandwich stays together. The girls inside the diner watched me out the window of the diner from their booth, looking bored.

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