nick of doom



have you ever heard that a hat on a bed is bad luck? i saw that one in Drugstore Cowboy i think. and everyone knows about black cats crossing in front of you, or if you break a mirror right? those i learned about when i was in 2nd grade in a book listing all the popular superstitious "rules" not to break. it kind of fucked me up as a kid and i still avoid doing some of those things for no good reason. stupid book.

but what about now, in the internet age? superstitions about the internet? are superstitions dead? i hope so, that would be great. but i'm still suprised it hasn't happened yet, or i haven't heard of any. here, i'll start:

1. if your cursor ever touches Nick Nolte's photo on a webpage, you will have six years bad luck.

go on, not superstious are you? maybe i linked the photo to something cool? or maybe it's just six years of DOOM!

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