Today I was wondering if Dan was in and so I Prairie Dogged it and stood on my desk to look over the cubicle wall. I do that sometimes. No Dan. But this guy walking down the hallway saw me and he laughed and I realized that sometimes I do stuff that I think is so logical and normal to me and then realize oh, not everyone does it that way. Right now I’m listening to Stereo Total per Surly’s recommendation and “L’amour a 3” is about how the singer wants a threesome and it’s so damn catchy that I can’t stop listening to it. I’m also in love with the latest Super Furry Animals cd. “Rings Around the World” is so jam packed with pop riches that I’ve listened to it at least three times since yesterday and keep hearing new cool things. And on the train this morning I listened to it again while reading Charles Portis’ “Norwood”. It’s so funny. At first I was worried that his characters were too broad and Circus freaky for me but I’m half-way done and I love it. I like it better than the Dog of the South. It’s sort of if the people in Winesburg Ohio were Southern and got in funny fights and adventures. Or I could be totally wrong about that cause I’m the guy who stands on his desk at work.

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